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Why Hire a CID (Certified Interior Designer)
  • A CID is qualified to design and submit any type of non-structural and non-seismic plans to the building departments. Each CID affixes a stamp & wet signature to drawings, and has knowledge of Building Codes as it relates to Space Planning, Life safety and Accessibility code issues.
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  • Designers who meet the education, experience & examination criteria of the CCIDC Board are allowed to use the "Certified Interior Designer" title and are recognized by the Building Officials in CA.
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  • Hiring a CID will ensure that you'll be working with a competent Design Professional.





Most people are not aware that usually the Solution to their problems lies in the "Space Planning of the Interiors" ...
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Sanchali Srivastava is an Award winning Designer. She is a Certified Interior Designer (CID #6360) and also a Certified Professional (CKD) by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Besides Interior Design Credentials she has a Bachelor of Architecture Degree (B.Arch). Her background in Architecture adds to her capacity to design additions and new construction projects besides remodels.

Sanchali has won various national & local Design awards. Her projects have been published in various local & National Industry Magazines and have also been featured on National NKBA's website.

Sanchali has been on the NKBA Northern California Chapter's Board since 2008. Currently she serves the position of VP of Academic Relations.
She has spoken at many local colleges and helps mentor and motivate students. She has also judged many National & local Design Competitions.

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Principal:     Sanchali Srivastava, CID, CKD
                        Certified Interior Designer #6360
                        Certified Kitchen Designer
                        B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)

Cell :                (408) 705-0448

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...serving the South Bay area (San Jose, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Campbell, Monte Sereno, Mountain View, Saratoga, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Los Altos, Palo Alto and Morgan Hill)