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We cannot recommend Sanchali highly enough.  We added about 500 sq feet to our home, and she was incredible in designing and drawing our new addition. She listened to our ideas and must-haves and brought her own ideas to the table. She worked closely with the contractor and structural engineer which made the design and permit process relatively seamless and stress-free from our end. Hooray for that!  Once the construction began, we also hired her to design our 3 new bathrooms and backyard deck/outdoor kitchen. She did a wonderful job with all, providing suggestions that were right in line with our overall vision for the house and our budget constraints. She is extremely responsive by email and our drawings were finalized quickly that way after a few modifications. (my husband then demanded "Sanchali-like responsiveness" from everyone involved in the process ... and unrealistic expectation. Haha) As the construction went along (long after she had cashed her check), she stepped in without hesitation to assist with the little glitches that arose (finding a substitute tile when one was on back order, selecting grout colors, etc..).  This was a huge undertaking for us, and we would have been lost and clueless without her. In addition to her top-notch expertise and professionalism, she is incredibly easy to get along with and was an excellent ally and sounding-board during the unavoidably stressful task of a huge home renovation. I am not one to write Yelp reviews regularly, but Sanchali is definitely deserving of this one.

... Allison & Sunny Dua

I just completed a project Sanchali designed for me, and am very pleased with the results. I added about 500 sq. ft to my house, including a master bedroom/bath, and expansion of my dining/kitchen area. I really enjoyed working with Sanchali. She is very patient, a good listener, and has great ideas! She’s also pleasant and comfortable to be around, and always professional. This was my first project of this nature and Sanchali was very helpful at guiding me through the process and answering all my questions. She interfaced with the city and handled all the permits, building code requirements, etc. The whole process was easier than I expected!

 I am not the best at visualizing, but Sanchali helped me to really understand the design on paper so that I did not have to make changes during construction. I’m very pleased with how everything came together—it looks even nicer than I envisioned. Sanchali came up with a particularly creative design to add on a bar area to my existing kitchen which really opened up and expanded the kitchen area. Everyone who has seen it thinks it was meant to be that way—it flows well and doesn’t look like an addition. I love it!

... Wendy Van Selow

Sanchali is a very good designer. She gives you all her time and energy when she is working on the project. When we first started the project, she came over, listened to our ideas, gave us suggestions, measured every corner of the land to get detailed picture of the project. This is a stage when we didn't even have a contract with her. We changed our design several times, she would patiently listen, and come back with new drawings.
Apart from architecture, she also worked with us closely to get the permit approved. We had a lot of issues with the city due to creek flowing behind the property, swimming pool, etc. She spent hours and hours at the Cupertino City Planning Department to get the process moving and get it approved.
I am very happy with the final look of the house, everything turned out as we had imagined.
Sanchali is very flexible in her availability. So it is very easy to work with her when you have a tight schedule.

... Girija Subramanya & Sundar Rajan

We needed Permit drawings for city permits for our remodel work. Sanchali was very prompt in her communications. She was available the very next day to meet and finished the drawings really quickly. We were working on a tight time schedule, and she was very accomodating. She also gave some helpful suggestions along the way.

We got our permits without any issues, she checked the requirements
with the city and coordinated well with our contractor as well. Our engagement was brief, but overall a very positive experience.

... Shruti & Kaustubh Patil

We recently did an addition to our 50+ year old house. We wanted to add one master suite to it. Sanchali was our designer. She was very patient and attentive. She listened to our needs. We only added ~180 sqrt ft. We asked for more storage, double sink, big shower space, and big windows, et. al. We thought it was impossible to satisfy all our needs and were ready to make sacrifice. Sanchali absolutely delivered a solution which was beyond our expectation!

Now the work is completed. We are so happy with our new suite. We couldn't be happier with the result.

... Jin Tang & YenKang Liu

"We recently remodeled our kitchen in San Jose, CA. Our 35+ year old kitchen was lacking serious counter/shelf space not to mention that all cabinets had seen their life. Our budget was tight as we have a college bound daughter's education to fund for next four years and another kid waiting in the wings to go to college in three years. Therefore, we could not opt to make changes to the available kitchen floor space.

Sanchali provided a design to increase our cabinet space by closing backyard door from kitchen and instead placing a sliding patio door from our formal dining area. In addition, she suggested to drop the double wall oven as we hardly used the second oven and replace it with a single oven in the base cabinet. These changes allowed us to move our pantry in the area that was occupied by the door to our backyard and opened up a long counter top that we dearly needed. The net result was at least 20% more storage space along with nearly 50% more counter space without adding a square inch to the floor area!!!

Her designs were key to identify a suitable contractor and get competitive bids on the project. The project took less than three weeks to complete. Sanchali was readily available throughout this project and provided key insights to ensure that our appliance specs were aligned with available cabinet space. The whole project along with moving the patio door ran shy of $22k, which was way below what we were getting quotes for just last year.

The new kitchen looks beautiful with Cherry cabinets and granite counter-top. Even the new patio door also opened up view to our backyard from dining area. We couldn't be happier with the outcome including the service provided during this period."

... Dharmendra & Rachana Kumar

"Sanchali is a great listener and was good at understanding our requirements for the remodel. We did a reasonable size remodel of an old house adding about 350 sqft and redoing bathrooms. While designing as well as helping during the construction phase, she kept our goals and budget in mind and helped us focus and get exactly what we needed. She was very available throughout the process and extremely responsive: good at communicating in person/over email/on phone and ready to visit multiple places with us as we searched for the right material. We valued her opinion on small things like mirror selection to big changes like kitchen/bathroom layout. We had some doubts in my mind about the great room size when we started but the end result makes us so happy that we went with Sanchali's suggestions. Our kitchen/family area looks fabulous and we have already received a bunch of compliments! We also love the way the bathroom remodel turned out; especially because it's so much harder to redo an existing space than build something new. Overall, we loved working with Sanchali and appreciate her contacts/suggestions and time! We have been recommending her work to all our friends."

... Garima Sahai & Navneet Aron

"We have used Sanchali Srivastava in a couple of different projects.  The first project involved an addition to our living and dining rooms for our house in Almaden Valley of San Jose.  With her architectural and interior designing background, Sanchali came up with a very innovative and functional design for the addition.  Whenever we have company, the subject of the design always comes up and we are always pleased to recognize the person behind the design. The second project involved a remodeling of our ancestral property in Chennai, India.  Once again, Sanchali came up with a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. She was also a good help with the Structural Drawings for our property in Palo Alto.

The things we like about Sanchali is her willingness to listen to you and offer alternative solutions and her impeccable professionalism."

... Ram & Nelli Vasan

"It gives us great pleasure to show off our new Dining area Peninsula table/cabinet designed by Sanchali of San Interior Design, San Jose, CA.  We came across her services as a surprise since we knew her only as a Designer earlier (and of course as a friend since a long time).
Sanchali enthusiastically guided us through all the project milestones, right from initial discussions, design, materials & vendor selection and final installation. She even got us the multiple bids (which is the step we dreaded to do ourselves) and negotiated good discounts from various vendors.  Her eye for details is commendable and it shows in the final result.  We love our remodeled dining area and are very grateful to Sanchali for piecing it together for us.  THANK YOU!!!"

... Latha & Santhosh Raghunath

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sanchali on a number of school projects. Sanchali's work is always of the highest standard. She thinks through every project and has a disciplined approach to problem-solving. Sanchali has great team spirit as well. Her prior experience in architecture and current achievements in the Kitchen & Bath area will make her an asset to any team.”

... Divya Vijayanandakumar, EDAC